Phenyl Silicone Oil 250 Phenyl Silicone Oil

Structural Formula:


  • Good resistance to high temperature
  • Low viscosity
  • Low freezing point
  • Low coefficient of expansion
  • Excellent electrical performance


Viscosity (25°C )mm2/s25-40 cst
Refractive index 25°C1.4700~1.4800
Specific Gravity1.010~1.080
Flash Point °C≥ 240
Pour Point °C≤ -45


Low viscosity, low freezing point, heat resistance, relatively high flash point, expansion coefficient, superior electrical performance (anti-corona, the average high pressure). For large power capacitor insulation impregnation and plasma bags, infusion bags isolated anti-sticking additives, surgical treatment of the base oil, cosmetics and skin care, and other additives such as frostbite injury. This product is similar Dow Corning Corporation: DC-510, the Japanese company Shin-Etsu: KF-50.

Transport as non-hazardous chemicals, keeping away from rain and sunlight.Shelf life: 3 years. It still can be used after being tested and qualified when exceeding the shelf life