FL-916C Dimethiconol (and) Cyclomethicone

Dimethiconol (and) Cyclomethicone [INCI/CTFA]
FeaturesVelvety and silky feel
Providing the best glossing and feeling properties
Forming a soft silicone protective film
BenefitsEnhancing the long-lasting properties of other active ingredients on skin
Reducing the rub to keep the skin smooth and water proof
Excellent hydrophobic ability
DescriptionThis product is a mixture of high viscosity dimethiconol and cyclomethicones, which is colorlessness, odorlessness and non-toxicity.  The product has a high affinity with the skin and hair and can form a soft protective film. For its appropriate volatility, the product can be added into the formulations and provide velvety and silky feel. It is ideal material for the hair care products.
Technical DataFL-916CFL-916C(6000~8000cP)FL-916C(15000cP)
AppearanceColorless transparent viscous Fluid
Viscosity (25℃)5000~7000cP6000~8000 cP15000~17000 cP
Specific gravity (25℃)0.950-0.9700.950-0.9700.950-0.970
Refractive index (25℃)1.396-1.4051.396-1.4051.396-1.405
NoteThese values are not intended for use in preparing specifications.
ApplicationThis product has a wide range of applications, such as hair and skin care products, sun proof products, styling aids, skin care creams, make-up, etc.
How to useDue to its volatility, this product is recommended that be formulated at room temperature or below 50℃.  Reduce the temperature to 50℃ after the oily-phase melted, and slowly add the product, then completely stir.  Add the other ingredients at last.
The product has good compatibility with oily cosmetic materials such as pigments, greases and perfumes. It can be used diluted by volatile silicone to reduce the viscosity.
After adjusted the viscosity with cyclomethicones, the produce can be used directly in the hair to condition, keep wetting and care.  It can make dry and weakened hair bright, smooth and silky.
The recommended usage level of the product is 3%-8% in hair care products, 40%-50% in hair care oil produces.
PackageThis product is supplied in 50Kg plastic pails, 195Kg iron drums.
Storage and TransportThis product is non-dangerous product. In storage and transportation, prevent from the exposure of moisture, acid, alkalis and other impurities.
It has at least 24 months shelf life from the date of production at room temperature.
CautionsThis product is neither tested nor suggested in the medical and pharmaceutical applications.
MSDS is available upon request from our company or your local representative.