FL-255 Phenyl Methyl Silicone Oil

Structural Formula:


FL255 is colorless transparent liquid. Compared with Dimethyl silicone oil, it has better performance in high and low temperatures (-50 ~ 320ºC ), and better properties of lubricity, mold unloading and electrical insulation. It is small in temperature viscosity coefficient and volatility. Compression rate and the surface tension is high. It is well in miscibility with other organic resin. The UV-resistant properties is unique.


1. Excellent resistance to high and low temperatures (-60 ~ 320ºC)
2. Low volatility
3. Excellent heat transfer characteristics
4. Flat viscosity temperature curve
5. Good compressibility
6. Good oxidation and radiation resistance
7. Good miscibility with organic resin

Equivalent brandDC 510DC 510DC 550DC 510 DC 710DC 510
AppearanceColorless transparent or light yellow transparent liquid
Viscosity(25°C, cst)751001251505001000
Specific Gravity (25°C)1.020~1.0801.020~1.100
Refractive Index(25°C) 1.4800~1.4950 1.4900~1.5150
Flashing point,°C ≥280≥300≥300~320
Freezing point,°C ≤-50
Volatility 250°C/2Hours, %<2%<1%
300°C/30Hours, % 7.5%~8.5%


As lubricant:
1. Base oil for high temperature greases.
2. Lubricating oil for high temperature instruments.
3. Impregnating oil for the use in high ambient temperatures.

As heat transfer medium:
1. Heat-treating baths for specialty metals.
2. Heat exchange fluid for research apparatus and instrument calibration baths.
3. Heat transfer oil in capacitors, transformers and various electronics.
As thermostat fluid:

Suitable for the use in thermostat systems which should be kept clean

As insulating oil:
Suitable for the use under high pressure as an insulating oil

Phenyl Methyl Silicone Oil FL255 is available in 5kg plastic drums, 25kg plastic drums, 25kg Iron drums or200kg Iron drums.

1.The product should be stored in a shady, dry place with the temperature 0°C-40°C, freezing should be avoided.
2. Avoid from acid, alkali chemical materials and other impurities.
3. Handle as non-hazardous substance.
4. Shelf life: 3 years